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Wrestlefest V

The event of the summer is now here! Be one of the first ones

to watch the greatest backyard wrestling in the world today!

Wrestlefest V is the greatest wrestling production

the Canadian Dutch Boys have ever put on we are proud to present it to

you Enjoy!

For more videos check out our YouTube Channel


Canadian Dutch Boys Studios


We Produce:

IWA (Imaginary Wrestling Association):

Wrestlefest/ End Of days: is a wrestling show we put on twice a year, once in the summer and once in the fall. The Wrestlefest brand has grown to a whole other level, and quite honestly has taken up the majority of our free time. some of our videos can be found on our media page the rest can be found on our YouTube Channel “Canadian Dutch Boys Studios” We are looking to expand our brand to even greater heights in 2019 and beyond.

Podcast Videos:

On occasion we release videos based off our podcast characters. so be sure to check them out in our media section. 

Podcasts: (current in hiatus)

  "Snealing and Dealing" is our flagship podcast, it's a comedy talk show that blurs the lines of reality with our characters and guests.  

"Breaking The Seal" is a drinking podcast with friends. we drink, we talk you laugh. 

Other side projects: Sometimes we will do other podcasts such as game of thrones, character podcasts, religion, politics or any other topics we seem fit.

The Canadian Dutch Boys are:

Phillip Anderson: Producer, Writer, Creator, Wrestler, Podcaster, creative, character actor, wrestler

Alex Anderson: Producer, Creator, Wrestler, Podcaster, writer, creative, character actor, wrestler

The Mogg: Podcaster, character actor,

Josh Hatmaker: Podcaster, Wrestler, Producer, character actor, wrestler, writter

Mattias: Podcaster, character, actor, wrestler

Patrick Kelly: Podcaster, Wrestler

Andrew Buck: podcaster, writer, creative

Francis English wrestler, actor

Nicole Lesperance writer, wrestler, camera women

Eugene English wrestler, actor

Mike Bohmer actor

Kristine Bohmer actress