The Snealing And

Dealing Podcast

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Canadian Dutch Boys Studios


We Produce:


  "Snealing and Dealing" is our flagship podcast, it's a comedy talk show that blurs the lines of reality with our characters and guests.  

"Breaking The Seal" is a drinking podcast with friends. we drink, we talk you laugh. 

Other side projects: Sometimes we will do other podcasts such as game of thrones, character podcasts, religion, politics or any other topics we seem fit.

Video Production:

Wrestlefest/ End Of days: is a wrestling show we put on twice a year, once in the summer and once in the fall. please check out our media page to see our shows. note they are also on youtube. 

Podcast Videos:

On occasion we release videos based off our podcast characters. so be sure to check them out in our media section. 

The Canadian Dutch Boys are:

Phillip Anderson: Producer, Writer, Creator, Wrestler, Podcaster, creative, character actor

Alex Anderson: Producer, Creator, Wrestler, Podcaster, writer, creative, character actor

The Mogg: Podcaster, character actor

Josh Hatmaker: Podcaster, Wrestler, Producer, character actor

Mattias: Podcaster, character actor

Patrick Kelly: Podcaster, Wrestler

Andrew Buck: podcaster, writer, creative