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The Kirk Minihane Show is Fire!

When Kirk Minihane and WEEI/Intercom parted ways I knew it was only a matter of time before Kirk would end up at Bar Stool sports. The best radio personality in the modern era teaming up with the “bad boys” of sport reporting world seemed like a match made in heaven. I wasn’t really sure what the new show would sound like, all I knew was it was going to be a huge success! Why? Because Kirk is a one in a generation talent who will be successful no matter where he ended up. I mean, there’s even a podcast that only covers him, The Minifan Show, with DEC and MHB (dont worry MHB, i won’t Dox you)

The new show took a few episodes to hit its stride and sort of find its sound in a way. The show really started to hit another level with the introduction of Blind Mike as a pseudo-co-host and shortly after that the madness which is known as Dave Cullinane filling in for Steve Robinson. I can see Dave now reading and getting ready to tweet back at me, “I’m not mad you asshole!”. During this time period we were introduced to bad radio in its greatest form. Rich Manderi, Brandi Love, Tommy Dreamer, and John Mcfee were all fantastic interviews. Linda Marks… fucking Linda Marks.

Much like the old show on WEEI, the best part of The Kirk Minihane show is when Kirk goes after frauds and liars. Now it’s not only Kirk going after these people, but Kirk, Steve, Blind Mike, Dave, and all of the Minifans together in a united front against anyone who dares stand in their way. Which brings me to my main point Bar Stool Sports is suppose to be a place of freedom and Saturdays are for the boys. Call her Daddy is one of their major podcasts and it’s all about girls going into their sexual experieces in a real honest way. Yet some how, Dave Portnoy doesn’t understand. I love El Presidente but his staight up lack of knowledge of anything about Kirk’s show is absolutley insane. He doesn’t listen to the show or even know what the show’s about. Time and time again Portnoy fails to have the back of Kirk and his fans. The Albright situation alone would be enough to have a legitimite complaint. But then you add it what Portnoy said about a certain sock comapany dropping out of advertising because of a certain activist calling them with false claims. He admitted all he cares about is his wallet, and honestly, it shows. The T-shirts on the Bar Stool store were $30.00 before Kirk complained and got it lowered to $28.00.

Pizza and Bottomlines. Stay golden Portnoy.

In closing, this blog has gotten away from me, but listen to The Kirk Minihane Show! It’s the greatest podcast out there today. I spend my day in and out of the Minihane and Minifan world. I send tweets in support of Kirk and his show. I find myself listening to Trash Talk with Blind Mike. I am 100% fully invested and submerged in the deep waters of The Kirk Minihane World! From this say until my last!

Viv La Kirk Minihane

“Why do we shoot our heroes?” - Linda Marks

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