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The Sneal Letters

Welcome To The Sneal Letters

Welcome to the first blog post of the sneal letters. Here you will find different articles written by our various members on any number of topics. please feel free to comment on any of our posts, letting us know you're opinion. The Snealing and Dealing podcast will be starting in the beginning of October. This has been a long time coming and we are extremely excited about our new podcast. Fans of our old podcast should expect some of the same things as the last show, as well as some new segments and characters. Please leave us feedback about the podcast, what you like and what you don't like. 

On the Wrestlefest front we are in the planning stages for a show in the beginning of October but plans are still tentative. We are currently looking for more wrestlers in the new England area to compete in our show. you do not have to be trained or professional, fans of pro wrestling will do just fine. Thank you for all of you're support as we grow the Canadian Dutch Boy Brand to new heights