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Welcome to The Canadian Dutch Boys Studios Website!

Here you can find everything about what the CDB Studios produces in one convenient location.


Snealing and Dealing is our flagship podcast featuring a comedy talk show vibe that blurs the lines of fiction and reality. 

Side Projects

Breaking the Seal is a podcast which features friends sitting around drinking and talking about various subjects.

Future shows may included any relevent topics we want to discuss… or the fans for that matter!

Other shows would included special features, cutting room floor, game of thrones, politics or religion. 


Wrestlefest Franchise

Wrestlefest is a real wrestling show the Canadian Dutch boys Studio produces once a year. We also produce a second show entitled "End of Days". Be sure to check out our video page and links!

Character Videos

Often in the past our podcasts featured videos of our characters. This will also continue so be sure to check them out in our video section  

Future productions

We are always looking to do something new. We are currently discussing the possibility of making a movie.

Stay tuned for details!!!


Phill Mcmahon

Phill Mcmahon